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Ainsa Industrial Fair 2015

20150129 122937


In the city of Guayaquil, at Ainsa - 25Km Vía Perimetral, the first Fair 2015 was held on 29th – 30th January, where industrial machinery, pneumatic, hydraulic and vacuum was shown that Ainsa distributes to the different areas of the country.

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Training SULLAIR 2014


In the week of March 10 to 14, Ainsa S.A. was privileged to receive Sullair, the provider of air compressors, in its offices for the fourth consecutive year, to train together its fellow distributors in Latin America.

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AINSA S.A. is present in exhibitions


Every year in the city of Quito, fairs are made with the propose of focus on the mining and oil field such as EXPOMINAS and OIL & POWER, the same in which Ainsa S.A. has been pleased to participate and disclose not only innovation in services, but also the quality and variety of its products, such as various industrial equipment markets thereof which possess the highest technology in the market.

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AINSA S.A. and its air networks in the San Carlos Mill


Only four months it took for the Ainsa S.A. Project Team to implement its highly prized Air Treatment System in the San Carlos Mill, located to 62 Km Marcelino Maridueña from Guayaquil.

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