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1. What is the lifespan of a screw compressor?

The life of a screw compressor is closely related to the life of the compressor unit. Due to the absence of attrition between the screws, its duration is unlimited being the only maintenance required changing their bearings. Changing Sullair compressor bearings every 50,000 hours must be done. This period may be extended up to twice according to the installation and maintenance of equipment. Once I made the change of bearings, the unit is able to keep running for a similar period and so on. There are currently compressors in service with more than 20 years old.

2. What is the quality of air supplied by an air compressor Sullair screw?

The quality of the supplied air in a screw compressor Sullair is optimal for use in most industrial processes. This is achieved thanks to the excellent performance of an oil separator filter high efficiency and after-cooler with water trap and drain.

3. Is it possible to obtain air for portable compressor tools?

Sullair portable compressors allow air to get instruments, by developing a system called AF. The machines that have this system have within a post-cooler with water trap and drain, and a system of high efficiency filter to remove contaminants, thereby being able to obtain particles of diameter less than 0.01 mm and a content oil less than 0.01 ppm (parts per million). Depending on ambient conditions may hold up to 80% of humidity.

4. How do we get a complete view of a compressed air system?

Ainsa monitors the compressed air system to complete some of the demand. It becomes the cornerstone of a system of energy management for any plant that seeks to maintain energy efficiencies they have achieved.

5. What are the functions of oil in your compressor?

The oil that is exclusive for all compressors is the Sullube oil, this has three main functions in the compressor: Lubricates, controls the temperature and Seal.

Furthermore carries contaminants into the filters, controls the wear and corrosion.
The main causes of breakage and bearing failures are due to poor lubrication, either for lack of control in the state of lubricant or the quality. These causes doublebearing material wear.

6. What are the advantages of an audit of air?

Ainsa performs an effective evaluation in an audit of air that allows know the causes and not just the symptoms.

  • Has the accurate information about the cost of each CFM of compressed air.
  • Analyze the complete compressed air system and not just the components.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and provide specific recommendations that are not influenced.

7. Why Rent Equipment?

Ainsa provides efficient and innovative solutions based on the need and benefit of its customers, so we have rental service for short-term. Rent equipment for a period of work leads to the following advantages:

  • Use proper equipment whenever needed.
  • Reduce investment in assets.
  • Avoid expense and inconvenience for maintenance.
  • Accomplish work schedules with productivity, safety and efficiency.
  • Have the backing of AINSA.

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