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Mission, Vision and Values



We’re a Technical-Commercial Organization with trained and skilled professionals. Dedicated to provide technical services and quality in their products to the Ecuadorian industry, offering personalized and the right advice to ensure and exceed customer expectations.


Become the national leader in providing solutions to Ecuadorian industries on the lines we handle, offering the high-end technology and be recognized for the quality of our products and services provided to all of our customers.




It´s necesarry to equip punctuality to our personality character, orderliness and efficiency because by living fully this value, we’re able to do more, carry out better our work and be worthy of trust.


Increase skills to take forward what has been entrusted to us. Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality, the word that speaks courage of our intentions; make time when there is not, deliver the goods when circumstances are adverse to change things, because actions speak more than words.


Never misuse of what has been trust, do not lie, do not pretend to work without missing valuable information for decision making.


Honoring commitments and obligations acquired with a person, company or institution, giving appropriate eloquent and truthful answers.


Do not provide information that is clearly relevant to the company; to establish a responsible, loyal and genuine commitment which imposes the strictest professional secrecy in all matters where AINSA S.A. is immersed.


Every established actions and relationships with customers, suppliers and people who make the company are marked by an attitude of kindness and courtesy to humans.


It’s the acting in an orderly and persevering way, always adding an extra effort to turn challenges into achievements and goals in compliance with each of the above values.



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